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In a cosy corner of Darlington, I offer a private professional counselling service for individuals. Counselling is a safe confidential space where you can explore thoughts, worries or anything that’s going on for you. Counselling is a talking therapy and can help with a range of personal issues.  It is also a safe, confidential way to explore feelings and thoughts around change, loss or bereavement. Perhaps you feel worried or low about something? Not sure exactly what it is? One of the things my clients often mention is feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Counselling can help you cope with whatever you’re going through from past experiences to recent ones.

Many of my clients have low confidence and low self-esteem and are unable to make clear decisions. Perhaps you don’t recognise the person you’ve become and feel like you have lost your identity.  We all have difficult and challenging times in our lives.  Sometimes that can manifest itself in anxiety or low mood without us even making that connection, sometimes we need to put the pieces back. It might be that you need to re-connect with who you are and embrace a new normal – one where you feel in control and are able to make clear decisions. 

I remember the first time I went to see a counsellor and how nerve-racking it was. I was worried about opening up, is it safe to? Can I trust this person? What I found was that it was safe, confidential and not only was it ok but absolutely necessary to explore my own wanted and unwanted thoughts and feelings. They are often a reaction to what is going on around us.  It’s not all plain sailing, counselling can be hard work, challenging at times but I’ll be with you every step of the way in a warm, safe, non-judgemental environment that meets your individual needs.